5 Things to Do in Cluj during Your Business Trip for a Cosy, ZEN Experience

Cluj has a charming and balanced mix of older, traditional buildings in the city centre, rows of the past communist-era apartments and new offices and skyscrapers built in the past years. We love to explore the city by foot and while doing this, we come across places or hidden treasures worth spending time in.

So here are some ideas for relaxing during business trips while taking in a more bohemian air and self-connection experience:

1. Take an hour to lose yourself in a bookstore

Anonymously, silently, disguised under a hat and a scarf, just for the sake of exploration and new world discovery.

We are too many times so caught up in our routines and meetings, or lost in our screens, that we forget to stop and connect with ourselves through a book or a moment of silence.

Source: Humanitas Book Store

2. Indulge a coffee and a banana bread in a new wave coffee shop

You know these places: minimal modern spaces, with enchanting coffee smell and bakery tastes and a common sitting area. Yes, Cluj has them as well, right in the city centre or hidden on its charming little streets. 

Enjoy the winter sun while you walk to find the nicest one. Once you find it, relax, enjoy, start being more aware of yourself through the sensations you experience. After all, beauty and happiness lie in the simple things of the present moment.

Source: www.tripadvisor.com

3. Go back in time for a few hours

Whether it’s about remembering things from childhood or visiting another age, a journey back in time is always a good opportunity for self-reflection and root reconnection. 

You could visit the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania to get a feeling about the way we lived over the years and across the country. It’s an open air, outdoor, living museum of old homes, churches, and functional buildings, some even dating from the 17th century.

Source: https://www.muzeul-etnografic.ro

4. Have dinner with a view

There are a few places in Cluj-Napoca with stunning views of the city, from different vantage points. Having a larger perspective and seeing farther away give the mind that openness and impulse for trying new things, feeling more daring and engaging into those new ideas it’s been postponing. You’ll get a new energy and confidence for making things happen.

Source: https://cluj.com/

5. Last but not least, take a beautiful, natural recharge

Nature always gives us its best. And when it is full of colour and care it fills our heart with beauty. Did you know that Cluj has one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in Romania?

It covers 14 hectares, a land configuration that supports the growth and development of 10,000 specific categories of plants from different continents.

Source: https://www.ubbcluj.ro/en/structura/sport/gradina_botanica

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